Ad quality guideline

The below ad quality guidelines (“Guidelines”) are an essential part of any IO or other agreement between Meme Video Ltd (“Meme”) and its publishers, advertisers, and other advertising agencies. Meme may change or modify the Guidelines at any time, without prior notice.
Meme reserves the right to reject, suspend or block any content for any reason, even after post-launch, at Meme’s sole discretion.
It is your responsibility to read the Guidelines and make sure that you comply with them.

Prohibited Content:

• Any illegal content, including but not limited to content, which violates laws, rules or regulation of an applicable jurisdiction.
• Content that infringes on the intellectual property of any third party.
• P2P, torrent sites, illegal music downloads or pirated software.
• Content that contains or distributes or promotes spyware and/or malware.
• Ads or landing pages must not include content that contains: adult content, violence, profanity, discriminating, offensive, alcohol, deceptive or fraudulent content, weapons and ammunition, gambling

Advertising Requirements:

• The promoted links must direct user directly to the content described in its applicable headline
• Promoted links may not direct to any page which contains: automatic download pages, automatically download files or auto-refreshing or in any way take control of users’ browser, unless the user explicitly approved such control.
• Advertisers must provide users with adequate notice and link to their respective privacy policy.
• Advertisements shall not impair or harm the performance of the user’s browser or system.
• Ads should not be displayed in an automated repeat.

IAB Guidelines:

Ads provided on Meme’s platform must comply with the Internet Advertising Bureau Ad Standards and Creative Guidelines at


Each ad request or bidding on inventory must contain (when relevant):

• full URL information
• Advertising ID
• Creative IDs (one for each advertiser).
• All other mandatory fields
• Full list and details on the identity of the advertisers.

Meme Videos’ Ad Protection Methods

Meme Video does not tolerate any malware and fraudulent activities within its network. In an on-going effort to ensure that advertisers and publishers will be protected while working with Meme Video, Meme has implemented specific Ad Quality Guidelines.

Publishers Protection:

Meme Video utilizes multiple industry-leading tools to scan all of the demand tags implemented in its system. The tools eliminate any cases of malware, auto sound, redirects or crawlers to the highest extent possible.

Meme’s scans from the pre-bid stage to ensure that the ads are accordance with its Ad Quality Guidelines and exclude any advertisements that do not adhere to Meme Videos’ quality standards. This process allows Meme to guarantee that the services it provides to its publishers are clean to the highest standards.

Advertisers Protection:

Meme Video prohibits fraudulent traffic on its network and utilizes multiple industries leading brand safety tools. Meme Video scans in the pre- and post-bid stages to prevent/block any suspicious traffic from reaching Meme’s advertisers. The brand safety tools are also used to block any suspicious IP’s from all SSP partners.


Meme Video is integrated with Moat’s viewability analytic platform to achieve the highest level of viewability, performance, and ROI for each campaign.